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PODCAST: First quarter bodes well for juniors

With all the recent financings, the start of 2020 is looking for good for the juniors, said Eric Coffin in a interview with Kitco News earlier this month at the Metals Investor Forum.

Coffin is a newsletter writer at Hard Rock Advisories.

“I think there is enough getting raised that it bodes well for Q1,” said Coffin.

Coffin said at the start of the fall companies were finding it incredibly difficult to raise financings.

“That seems to be turning again. [There] seems to be pretty high demand. A couple of companies I talked to said they are not concerned at all about closing them.”

But Coffin said the market still needs out-sized successes if the junior space is going to draw in generalist money and start a larger rally.

Listen to our podcast with Eric Coffin.