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Rare earth metals show a big chemical affinity for the Metalloids available in iron metals. Elements like oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, carbon, phosphorus and hydrogen include the latter. Rare earth contributes in interaction with these elements to the distance or new distribution of injurious pollutions and positively affects the structure and the qualities of metals.
Scientific progress and discoveries in different areas of the industry (cars, the military, high tech etc.) led to a rising inquiry for non-ferrous metal and rare earth metals as well as trace metals. Metals and metal products that are used in the metallurgy and mechanical engineering complex are the most in demand.
The development of technology walks along with a rising inquiry for manufacturing products, above all of the metallurgist’s broads of complex – metals and alloys in their whole variety. As a result, the development of new technologies and the manufacture of high-tech products depend on the state of the metalworking industry and the adjacent mining industry and the quality of their products. Worldwide non-ferrous metallurgy companies are now experiencing increasing energy targeting of industrial locations, which is explained by the development of metallurgy of light non-ferrous metals and rare metals, as well as the shift of metallurgical production to developing countries