USD\EUR 0.9016 CNY\EUR 0.1276 CHF\EUR 0.9212 CAD\EUR 0.6778 AUD\EUR 0.6118 EUR\USD 1.1092 CNY\USD 0.1416 CHF\USD 1.0218 CAD\USD 0.7518 AUD\USD 0.6786 – The web page was created for the exchange of information between the participants of the mining.

Presently rare earth elements are used in the foundry industry and the iron metallurgy for the realisation by procedure for modifying, deoxidizing, desulphurising and endowing.

Rare earth metals show a big chemical affinity for the Metalloids available in iron metals. Elements like oxygen, nitrogen, sulphur, carbon, phosphorus and hydrogen include the latter. Rare earth contributes in interaction with these elements to the distance or new distribution of injurious pollutions and positively affects the structure and the qualities of metals.
Scientific progress and discoveries in different areas of the industry (cars, the military, high tech etc.) led to a rising inquiry for non-ferrous metal and rare earth metals as well as trace metals. Metals and metal products that are used in the metallurgy and mechanical engineering complex are the most in demand.
The development of technology walks along with a rising inquiry for manufacturing products, above all of the metallurgist’s broads of complex – metals and alloys in their whole variety. As a result, the development of new technologies and the manufacture of high-tech products depend on the state of the metalworking industry and the adjacent mining industry and the quality of their products. Worldwide non-ferrous metallurgy companies are now experiencing increasing energy targeting of industrial locations, which is explained by the development of metallurgy of light non-ferrous metals and rare metals, as well as the shift of metallurgical production to developing countries

In nature, you can find thousands of minerals that contain rare earth metals. At the same time, they always match in rich minerals, and because of the similarity of their chemical properties, their separation is very difficult.

Traditionally the mass of the elements of the rare earth is estimated concerning oxide, because they are in this state in natural resources. Most of the rare metals are scattered in the earth’s crust and in the arch raw materials, together with base metals: Gallium is promoted with the production by aluminium oxide from bauxite and nepheline ores, industrial indium springs are intermediates of the zinc production and production of lead. This leads to the problems of the extraction of these elements and the reasons for the relatively late discovery, the study and the technical development – all rare elements have been discovered during the past 220 years, however, their industrial use only began 20 to 40 years ago.
The leading locations for the production of non-ferrous metals and rare metals as well as the production of metal concentrates and the metals are China, Australia, the USA, Canada and some other countries.
The value chain in the rare earth industry begins with the extraction of ores containing these metals. The main sources of rare earth metals are monazite and bastnasite minerals. Currently, the main mineral is bastnasite, which is estimated to be 80% of the world’s rare earth resources.

In past decades rare earth metals were used increasingly in different technology areas. This group combines metals that are used in relatively small quantities in the modern production.

The name of this metal group is rather historical. It has long been believed that rare elements could not form large deposits and high concentrations in the ore. It has now been discovered that rare elements are not inferior in terms of their ability to concentrate in the ore of industrial deposits and often exceed even non-ferrous metals. The demand for rare metals required for the innovative development of the high-tech industry will remain stable long-term and demand will increase annually.
The largest consumers of rare metals are countries that have achieved the greatest success in scientific and technical advances – the US, the countries of Western Europe and Japan. For example, Apple products could not be made without the use of rare earth metals.

Rare earth metals in the iPhone, Apple

To fully understand the use of rare earth metals in various industrial productions, one should refer to specific analytic data.

Use structure of rare earth metals in the
Production of basic and intermediate goods, %

The developing path of the market for the production and processing of rare metals gives a positive direction for mining and industrial enterprises that use raw materials from rare earth for the production of high tech products.
Due to their properties, rare-earth metals have found the greatest application in modern technological processes and in production: for the production of glass, catalysts in petrochemical processes, mixed metals for metallurgy, in the production of batteries and polishing powders, and additives for diesel fuel in the production of neutralizers for exhaust gases, permanent magnets, phosphors, ceramic capacitors, electronics and in the cultivation of artificial crystals.

Rare earth metals, which in themselves make up a small part of the gross national product, are the most important component of the production factors in the value-added chains of goods and products.
To understand the peculiarities of the current situation on the world market for rare earth metals and the behavior of its main participants, it is advisable to follow the historical data of the market.

Mining and occurrence of rare earth metals.

The last decades of the 20th century and the first of the 21st century were not characterized by groundbreaking technologies. The demand for rare earth metals has stabilized, but the development and exploration of new opportunities for rare earths continues.


Currently, participants in the global mining industry are following the indicators of the London Stock Exchange for non-ferrous metals and precious metals as well as the rare earth trade in China.

Metals Prices in LME

- LME Aluminium, USD/t 1,751.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Copper, USD/t 5,696.50 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Zinc, USD/t 2,257.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Nickel, USD/t 15,755.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Lead, USD/t 2,085.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Tin, USD/t 16,175.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Aluminium Alloy, USD/t 1,195.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME NASAAC, USD/t 1,021.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Cobalt, USD/t 31,500.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Gold*, USD/t 1,505.80 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Silver*, USD/t 17.165 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Steel Scrap**, USD/t 275.00 +0.0% 21.08.19
- LME Steel Rebar**, USD/t 445.50 +0.0% 21.08.19

Rare Earth Metals Prices in China

Gadolinium oxide, China, USD/kg 19.60 +4.3% 05.01.19
Dysprosium oxide, China, USD/kg 178.00 +6.0% 05.01.19
Dysprosium, China, USD/kg 245.00 +2.1% 05.01.19
Europium oxide, China, USD/kg 43.00 -4.4% 05.01.19
Yttrium, China, USD/kg 33.00 0.0% 05.01.19
Lanthanum oxide, China, USD/kg 2.00 -4.8% 05.01.19
Lanthanum, China, USD/kg 5.60 -1.8% 05.01.19
Neodymium oxide, China, USD/kg 46.00 0.0% 05.01.19
Neodymium, China, USD/kg 59.00 -1.7% 05.01.19
Praseodymium oxide, China, USD/kg 59.00 -1.7% 05.01.19
Praseodymium, China, USD/kg 97.00 0.0% 05.01.19
Samarium oxide, China, USD/kg 2.10 +5.0% 05.01.19
Terbium oxide, China, USD/kg 435.00 +1.2% 05.01.19
Terbium, China, USD/kg 580.00 0.0% 05.01.19
Cerium oxide, China, USD/kg 2.00 -4.8% 05.01.19
Cerium, China, USD/kg 5.40 -11.5% 05.01.19
Erbium oxide, China, USD/kg 23.00 -4.2% 05.01.19

The Deal Board GmbH imports rare earth metals to Germany and into the European Union. It was founded to supply German manufacturers.

The enterprise.

The Deal Board GmbH imports rare earth metals to Germany and into the European Union. It was founded to supply German manufacturers. The enterprise deals with rare earth metals of all steps of delivery, from mining up to the end user. We are a reliable partner for some European industrial enterprises who use rare earth metals to produce certain products.
The Deal Board GmbH is an enterprise to provide German and European manufacturers with additional possibilities concerning raw materials on the base of rare earth metals.

Our strategy

The strategy is focused on satisfying the growing needs of German and European manufacturers and rare earth is used like lanthanum (La), cerium (Ce) and other. The German industry will show a certain growth in future, so that the Deal Board GmbH can focus its own strategy on long-term relations with partners in Germany as well as in China and Australia.
The Deal Board GmbH is a newly founded European importer of rare earth metals and already lays the foundation stone for a development of the next 3 – 5 years. The development of the enterprise provides not only for the growth of the consumption of rare earth metals by the German industrial enterprises, but also for the correct application of the strategy. The inquiry is not limited to rare earth like lanthanum (La) and cerium (Ce) only – we also work with other rare earth.
The enterprise employs management experts, as well as people with special knowledge in the area of Mining and the processing, as well as use of rare earth metals.
Our mission is the participation on the European market for rare earth metals, long-term relations with partners and stable finance indicators as well as economic indicators.

Our vision

The Deal Board GmbH creates special conditions for the delivery of rare earth for German and European manufacturers and protects thus the growth of the national industry. We are anxious to become an enterprise with comprehensive transnational competence to succeed on the European market for rare earth metals. With special attention, we choose all involved specialists and check their qualifications. We create special conditions to be able to deliver raw materials of rare earth metals reliably in pure form.

To contact us, you will find further contact information

Contact information

Gernsbacherstrasse 1, 76530 Baden-Baden, Germany


Deal Board GmbH, in 2019, Germany



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